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Solar Rooftop-On Grid / Off Grid

Solar PV – On Grid

    • This system consists of
      Solar Panels
      Solar Inverter
      Bidirectional meter
    • This system operates by exporting the generated solar power to the grid and the exported power is recorded by the bidirectional meter.
    • ESCOM will pay for the energy exported.
    • This will be applicable for 25 years and most suited for Industries, Houses and Commercial establishments.

    Solar PV – Off Grid

    • This system primarily consists of
    • Solar panels
    • Solar PCU
    • Batteries
    • During day time, the panels will charge the batteries and supply power to equipments. During night the load is powered by batteries and will be change to grid automatically.
    • This is a fully automatic system and best suited for maximum daytime usage like offices, homes, etc.